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Go Climbing in Mallorca !

Mallorca Adventure Sports offers climbing lessons in Mallorca. Our climbing schools in Mallorca offer rock climbing trips and lessons for beginners as well as for those who already have some knowledge of this sport but wish to improve certain techniques.

Mallorca Climbing

Mallorca offers exciting opportunities to practice the thrilling sport of climbing. Put your stamina and concentration to the test and sign up for a climbing trip in Mallorca 's steep mountain range!

Mallorca climbing trips

Our climbing school will tour you through the different courses and give you expert advice. From beginners to advanced climbers, there's a spot for every level!

Climbing for beginners in Mallorca

climbing mallorca

There are climbing lessons and climbing trips available in a wide variety of spots in Mallorca, each with it's unique scenery and difficulty level so beginners and experts alike can enjoy the diverse climbing experiences Mallorca has to offer.

climbing lessons mallorca

Mallorca climbing lessons

Check the map below for more information on where these climbing trips and lessons can be booked:
Climbing lessons mallorca
The price for the group climbing lessons and trips is 60 EUR per person for a 5 hour activity and include equipment, guides and insurance as well as free transportation to the climbing area. Private climbing lessons and trips are also available.  

climbing mallorca

The climbing trips start at 10:00h in the morning to avoid the heat. Make sure to take something to drink and eat with you to recover from the effort, like a sandwich and some water!

Mallorca climbing lessons

Book your climbing trip or lessons now and enjoy the scenery of Mallorca's mountains while cliffhanging.

climbing lessons mallorca
Our professional guides will guide you through every track and teach you the essentials.

Click here for more pictures of our climbing trips and lessons.

Climbing Mallorca

E-mail for more information on our climbing opportunities in Mallorca.

Mallorca Climbing trips

Mallorca Adventure Sports

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